Cavaliers in Iceland

From 1909 to 1991 import of dogs were banned to Iceland.  1991 a quaranteen was opened and import of dogs allowed.  The dogs had to stay in the quaranteen 6 to 8 weeks, changed to 4 weeks since Janury 2004.

1991 two brood bitches were imported from Sweden by Maria Tomasdˇttir,  the first Icelandic cavalier breeder with the prefix Ljuflings.  The bitches were Sperringgardens Charmanta and Isch Brunnsgardens Celeste.  Both were out of swedish bred mothers, granddaughters of Int Ch Pennygown Coft Centre, but by the english import Such Tanmerack Michelangelo.  1992 Maria imported two dogs from Sperringgardens kennel out of swedish bred mothers sired by Such Tanmerach Chardin.  One of them was Isch Sperringgardens Chutney who became the breed┤s first stud dog and sired four champions. All those dogs were blenheims with very good bloodlines from Homerbrent, Salador, Crisdig  and Pennygown. 

1993 the first two litters were born including 12 healthy puppies and the breed became very popular resulting in quite many imports the coming years.

1994 Ljuflings kennel imported the first tricolour dog Int Isch Sperringgardens Charolais out of Such Sperringgardens Charity and by Clarcence Fairridge of Homerbrent. Sp.Charolais grandparents were the great winners Int Such Sperringgardens Camies Blanches and Int Such Sperringgardens Cylvester. He became the breeds first International champion and sired three champions.

1995 the first wholecolour pair were imported from Granasil in England by the coming Hlinar kennel, F. Gustavsson. The dog Granasil Mr Darkstar (black and tan) and the bitch Granasil Chocolate Ice (ruby). They had among others Harana and Sorata lines behind. Mr. Gustavsson also imported another pair a year later from Leelyn┤s kennel in England. Leelyn Freebie (black and tan) and the bitch Leelyn Mon Amia. Hlinar kennel has had several wholecolour litters from 1996.

1997 Ljuflings kennel imported a pair from Sperringgardens kennel.  The dog was a beautiful swedish champion, Int. Such Isch Sperringgardens Christian Collard by Such Homerbrent James Stewart.  This dog had a great influence on the breed and stamped his quality on most of his offsprings.  Among his offsprings is the breeds first and only bitch International champion so far, Int Isch Nettu Rosar Sandra who was a great winner in the show ring and the dog GŠda J÷kull, which became BIS all breeds the year 2000.  He never gained his title, but had 2 certs when he was withdrawn from the showring soon after. Int. Such Isch Sperringgardens Christian Collard had a great show career, ending with winning the veterian of the year all breeds the year 2003 almost nine yrs old.

1999 Ljuflings kennel imported  a blenheim pair from Tanmerack in England with Ricksbury and Chantiz bloodlines and Skutuls kennel also imported a blenheim pair from Corbonas in Sweden.

The year 2000 the dog Such Isch Sperringgardens Cachou was borrowed from Sweden by Ljuflings kennel to enlargen the genepool. He stayed for a year and left here many lovely desendants. 2001 two blenheim pairs were imported from Sweden again, one pair from Corbonas kennel by Skutuls kennel and another one from Sperringgardens Kennel.

2002 seven dogs and bitches were imported, mostly wholecolours. Black and tan and ruby pair from Moorfields kennel in Ireland, ruby pair from Leelyn┤s kennel i.e. the dog Isch Leelyn City Boy (ruby) with the famous GBCH Myhope Fever as a grandfather and the bitch Leelyn Georganna closely linebred on Leelyn Red Warrior and another ruby pair from Tibamas in Norway, the dog Tibamas Dancer in the Moonlight and the bitch Isch Tibamas Cordelia. Both have Sorata, Harana and Homerbrent lines behind. 

The same year the dog Homerbrent Elation, by GBCh  Homerbrent Expression was imported by Ljuflings kennel.  This dog proofed to be a very effective stud dog and has already sired many litters.  He has two certs and was third best in show all breeds 2003.

2003 six cavaliers were imported, two ruby bitches from Tibamas kennel in Norway, Tibamas Rainbow High by Salador Channon out of Tibamas Royal Madonna  and Tibamas Imaginary Nala by Nuch Homerbrent Perry out of Sorata Barbie Girl and the tricolour dog Isch Tibamas Capteins Pride by Nord Uch Pamedna Paddy Whack. From Sweden came the blenheim dog Sperringgardens Corricone by english import Torylac Jonas and from Fuzzyheimen in Norway a tricolour dog Fuzzyheimens Norwegian Sky Trooper by the english import Delhaze Sky Trooper.  

Also a two years old blenheim dog Lazycrofts Orlando was borrowed from Sweden for a year to get new bloodlines. He has already sired several promishing litters.

2004 a blenheim pair was imported from Norway. The bitch J÷rsis Stuegris and the dog Magic Charm Andreas.  They are by the brothers Nuch Ricksbury Royal Aristocrat and Nuch Ricksbury Royal Crusader out of bitches bred in Norway. Magic Charm Andreas was BIS all breeds at a Club Show in August 2005 for groups 2, 3, 9 and 10.

2005 four black and tan cavaliers were imported.  Two from Tibamas in Norway, Tibama┤s Think Twice and Tibama┤s Maria von Trap and two from Leelyn kennel in England, the dogs Leelyn Dixie Lee and Leelyn Gigolo. 3 blenheim┤s were also imported from Sperringgardens kennel in Sweden, Sperringardens Chien Chanson, Celeesa and Secret Passion. 

2006 was a record year in the import of cavaliers. Two blenheim ┤s came from England, the dog Lanola Pearl Dancer and the bitch Brooksbur Brite ┤N┤ Bootiful. Tricolour dog, Sperringgardens Crown Dancer came from Sweden and also two blenheim dogs, i.e. Finuch Such An Sofie┤s Trotsky Junior and Sperringgardens Catch of the Day.  Two black and tans came from Tibama┤s kennel in Norway, i.e. Tibama┤s Going for Gold and Tibama┤s Santas Dream and a ruby bitch from Denmark, Bavnehojs Amina.  From the Leelyn Kennel in England came the ruby bitch Leelyn Lillian. 

The Icelandic cavalier club was founded 1995 and the next year three new kennels started with stock from Ljuflings kennel, i.e.  Nettu Rosar, Skutuls and Drauma. Those kennels are still the main breeders of cavaliers to-day, with one to three litters a year.  About 20 cavalierbreeders have a registered kennel name to-day. The years 1993 to 1996 registration numbers were 12 ľ 20 puppies a year. From 1997 to 2000 30 ľ 40 puppies and since 2001 50 to well over 100 puppies.  The year 2002 the cavaliers were the top breed with 88 registered puppies.  2003 and 2004 the cavaliers were the second breed with over 90 registered puppies and 2006 cavaliers were the top breed with over 130 registered puppies. To-day we have between 600 - 700 cavaliers in the country.

The cavalier breeders in Iceland work closely together and use very similar breeding rules regarding the health as Sweden does.  As the breed is quite related, most breeders seek advise to the club when they want to mate their bitches and so far no inbreeding has been done, but close linebreeding sometimes. The quality of the breed is quite good according to visiting judges, but tend to be too big compared to England for instance. 

The Icelandic Kennel Club arranges two International shows and one national show every year (FCI rules). The shows are very well organised and the biggest entry is usually the cavaliers i.e. 40 to 60 dogs.  The cavalier club has orangised six special shows since 1995 with breed jugdes such as Leni Louise Nyby from Sweden and Fiona Bunce, Molly Coaker and Anne Reddaway from England with entry usually from 50 ľ 70. At the last club show May 2005, which was the clubs 10 yrs. anniversary, we had two days show with the judges Annukka Paloheimo and Marja Kurittu from Finland with a record entry of 105 cavaliers on Saturday and 94 on Sunday.  The club also organises various events every month. Many cavaliers take part in Agility and are popular candidats in Junior handling.