Kynning á dómara deildarsýningarinnar 14. maí 2022 – Norma Inglis

Cavaliers have been my passion since setting eyes on the first one in 1971. Amber, a Blenheim, came to live with us in 1972 and was a much-loved family pet, remaining with us until she died in her 17th year. She was our introduction to Cavaliers and responsible for my life-long love affair with this wonderful breed. For over 40 years, Gordon and I have exhibited regularly with some success and feel we have established a line of Cavaliers that fit the Standard, paying particular attention in our breeding to type, soundness and temperament. To date we have made up 17 UK Champions, plus numerous other CC & RCC winners, including the Blenheim, Ch Craigowl Silkience, the Bitch CC winner at Crufts 1992. „Nellie“ passed away in her 16th year and gave hope that health wise, our breed was not doomed despite the difficulties we all face from time to time.

We have had success in all of the four colours and the Tricolour Ch Craigowl Billy Elliot, gave us another of our proudest moments when he took Best in Show at the CKCS Club Championship Show in 2005 in an entry of over 500 cavaliers. 2007 delivered another incredible high when we made up two more champions, Craigowl Ryton and Craigowl Norah Batty, on the same day, both of them Tricolours. 2012 brought another 2 UK Champions, the tricolour boys Ch Craigowl Santana and then Ch Craigowl Out of the Blue who was a mere 17 months when he gained his title in December and we tragically lost before his time. Craigowl Salzburg, made up in May 2014 took the total to 13. Unlucky for some, but not for us.
April 1st 2015 was a memorable day in the Craigowl household. A litter was born that would make history. The success of Craigowl Touché, Craigowl Out of Reach, Craigowl Out of Touch and Craigowl Keep in Touch is now well documented with all 4 gaining their UK Champion titles and bestowing on us the honour of being the only UK breeders to breed 4 Champions in one litter. 17 UK Champions spanning 3 decades is something we are extremely proud of.
Our first show Cavalier was a ruby and it was „Honey“ who was responsible for us starting on the journey that opened up a whole new wonderful world where we have made many lifetime friendships. Cavaliers have simply taken over and become a way of life. We have been fortunate that our interest in Cavaliers has spread beyond the UK and many of the dogs we have sent overseas have gained their crowns or won CCs in their respective countries such as Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Australia, France, Italy, Holland, Germany, New Zealand, Italy, Switzerland and the USA. We first judged in the 70s and have judged the breed at Championship level in the UK, Canada, USA, Sweden, Finland, France, Denmark, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Iceland, Belgium,Russia, Estonia, Iceland, Czech Republic, Norway, Poland, Slovakia and Southern Ireland. My involvement with Cavaliers over the years has included exhibiting, breeding, judging, stewarding, assessing prospective championship show judges, Year book editor and committee member of the Scottish and English CKCS Clubs.

 17 CHAMPIONS: Craigowl Cashmere, Craigowl Storm of Homerbrent, Craigowl Replica, Craigowl Hoodwink, Craigowl Hopscotch of Homerbrent,
Craigowl Silkience, Haagen Dazs of Craigowl, Craigowl Billy Elliot, Craigowl Ryton, Craigowl Norah Batty, Craigowl Santana, Craigowl Out of the Blue, Craigowl Salzburg, Craigowl Touché, Craigowl Out of Touch, Craigowl Out of Reach, Craigowl Keep in Touch