Umsögn Mrs Normu Inglis

Umsögn Mrs Normu Inglis um heimsóknina og sýninguna:


20th APRIL 2013

It was a pleasure to be asked to travel to Iceland to judge at your show. I had never been to your country before but had heard it was spectacular and I was not disappointed. The flight to Reykjavik was 2 hours thirty minutes from Manchester and when I landed I could see from the plane that heavy rain and gale force winds awaited me! The landscape was so different to anywhere I had been before and it was a fascinating drive from the airport to the Grand Hotel. As some of the Committee were entered the show the following day, I happily dined alone and had an early night ready for an exciting day at the show.

When I awoke, the rain had been replaced by light falling snow, so I began to believe what they say, that in Iceland all kinds of weather can be experienced in the one day! The show venue was ideal for judging. Roomy and light. I met my three stewards Sophia, Soley and Brynja who made my day all the easier by speaking and writing perfect English. Thank you, girls, it was great getting to know you.

There were 81 Cavaliers entered. 5 puppies, 28 males, 43 bitches (5 absentees). I had to grade all the 71 adults present and the break down was 41 Excellent, 26 Very Good and 4 Good. 

For those interested in statistics

Dogs 28

Excellent   19
Very Good  9
Good   0

Bitches 43

Excellent 22
Very Good  17
Good   4

At a Club show such as this, there are always a number of family dogs who come along for the day, as they want to be part of the event, but most have no great expectations for their pets in regard to show potential. But it was nice to see them enjoying the day. I had a Student judge who assessed the dogs after I had finished with them and she also wrote critiques. Hopefully the experience will allow her to progress in her judging career. Rapturous applause for the appearance and walk round of the oldest Cavalier in the Club. She is Hlinar Beatrice (by Leelyn Freebie out of Leelyn Mon Amia). The proud owner is Gretar Freyr Gretarsson who I am told was just a kid when his mother bought her for him, so they grew up together. Breeders are Edda Hlin Hallsdottir and Finnbogi Gustavsson. A very pretty Ruby girl who at 15 years young looked adorable.

With the strict quarantine laws in Iceland I realise just how many difficulties breeders face in their breeding programmes and feel you should be commended in utilising your limited resources so well. I thought the males on the day had more quality than the females, and my general impression was

1…. there is a small number of top quality Cavaliers in the Club

2…..there is a large majority of decent, but average dogs


3. ….there is a small percentage that were pet quality.

That is not a bad situation to find yourselves in, but there are several areas that need addressing. The important thing to remember is to never double up on a weakness. If your Cavalier has a point that needs improving, don’t use a dog with the same problem.

EYES….The eyes on the whole were dark and round as required but too many had dark, round, BUT small eyes. This destroys the expression. Our Breed Standard asks for a moderate dog in all areas except in the eyes. They should be large.

FINE BONE…..I saw adults with thin chicken like bone.  A small, well balanced dog with medium bone is possible.

LEGGY, LONG and LARGE….A Cavalier is a TOY DOG so please watch size

SLOPING CROUPS AND LOW SET TAILS…..I like to see a tail that comes straight off the back and is carried level. Too many had tails that were set low and were accompanied by sloping croups.

OFF COLOURED NOSES……I witnessed pale coloured noses like these when I judged in Finland, so maybe there is some truth in the thought that cold climates affects pigment. If the noses  improve in Summer, I will believe it!

ANGULATION…..Correct front and rear angulation were poor in many.

HEADS……Many had lack of cushioning below the eyes and some of the whole colours had deep stops

Now some good news

Type and temperament were satisfactory ….they all looked like Cavaliers and I had no bad tempered dogs and only a couple who were unsure and needed more socialising in a show environment.  I am not fanatical about mouths providing an incorrect bite doesn’t look badly undershot from the outside and so alters the soft expression. A mouth that is a level or just slightly off in an otherwise excellent dog would not have been heavily penalised. Mouths on the whole were good. Coats were soft and silky but more care in preparation would improve the look.

If your dog has only a short time to impress the judge it is important that he makes the most of himself and not spoil his chances by refusing to walk properly or stand on the table . Having only 4 Kennel Club shows and 1 Club show per year means you face difficulties putting into practice what it needs to get your dog used to being in a show environment. So do what you can and a few minutes spent at home every day will work wonders. Also watch and learn from the more experienced exhibitors who handle their dogs to advantage. Please look at the winners and use them as a guide. Be critical of what you are breeding and showing and only keep the best. With your litters, be watchful of not going backwards and only keep what is as good, if not better, than the mother.  

I was looking for a small, balanced Cavalier who was well constructed. They needed to have a typical expression and personality to match. Glamour, showmanship and presentation were also taken into consideration.   I tried to appreciate the whole dog and not allow myself to fall into the trap of fault judging. One flaw did not stop me considering the whole dog.

As I have been reported on saying before, a wonderful, glowing report is not for me a worthwhile critique. The judge’s honest opinion, highlighting both the strengths and weaknesses found, is far more beneficial to the breed, than one that is foolishly over flattering and avoids mentioning the defects found. This gives a wrong impression that everything is fine and fault free. Also on the other hand, it is just as misleading to dwell solely on the dog’s failings. A balanced view is essential, written with accuracy but not in an offensive way.

It was a wonderful weekend and the Club committee did a great job and worked hard to make the show the success it was. Taking time out of their busy schedules to show me the sights was much appreciated. The people I met were warm and welcoming and your country is beautiful making it memorable. My first trip to Iceland and I hope not my last. Thank you for the opportunity.

My Principal Winners

Best Puppy Dog and Best Puppy in Show ….DRAUMA BONO

Best Puppy Bitch ….SOLLILJU KATIA




Norma Inglis – Craigowl Cavaliers UK“