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Umsögn Mrs. Normu Inglis

Umsögn Mrs Normu Inglis um heimsóknina og sýninguna:

The Cavalier Club of Iceland

What a wonderful compliment to be invited back to Iceland to judge at your Cavalier Club show on 14th May 2022. I first came to Iceland to judge 9 years ago in 2013 so it was really interesting to
return. I arrived at Keflavik airport and was met by taxi and taken to my hotel in the centre of Reykjavik. A welcome basket from the Club awaited me in my hotel room….chocolate and bubbly… favourites. As I had been travelling since early morning with two flights and a change of terminal in London Heathrow, I was glad to fall into bed after a lovely evening meal and a large glass of Merlot.

The next morning, after a yummy breakfast, my student judge Herdis Hallsmarsdottir picked me up and drove me to the show venue. The equestrian centre was an ideal setting for a dog show and the hall was decorated with balloons, roller banners and a wonderful display of trophies and prizes.

  • There were 76 cavaliers entered,
  • 1 absentee making 75
  • 2 baby puppies, 31 males 42 females and a wonderful turnout of 13 Junior Handlers.

I graded all the 73 adults present and the break down was

  • 36 Excellent,
  • 31 Very Good
  • 6 Good.

On my last visit I awarded

  • 41 Excellent
  • 26 Very Good
  • 4 Good

So although statistically things haven’t altered very much, sadly my impression of the overall quality was disappointing and I felt the Cavaliers are not as good now as they were 9 years ago.

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