Umsögn Mrs. Normu Inglis

Umsögn Mrs Normu Inglis um heimsóknina og sýninguna:

The Cavalier Club of Iceland

What a wonderful compliment to be invited back to Iceland to judge at your Cavalier Club show on 14th May 2022. I first came to Iceland to judge 9 years ago in 2013 so it was really interesting to
return. I arrived at Keflavik airport and was met by taxi and taken to my hotel in the centre of Reykjavik. A welcome basket from the Club awaited me in my hotel room….chocolate and bubbly… favourites. As I had been travelling since early morning with two flights and a change of terminal in London Heathrow, I was glad to fall into bed after a lovely evening meal and a large glass of Merlot.

The next morning, after a yummy breakfast, my student judge Herdis Hallsmarsdottir picked me up and drove me to the show venue. The equestrian centre was an ideal setting for a dog show and the hall was decorated with balloons, roller banners and a wonderful display of trophies and prizes.

  • There were 76 cavaliers entered,
  • 1 absentee making 75
  • 2 baby puppies, 31 males 42 females and a wonderful turnout of 13 Junior Handlers.

I graded all the 73 adults present and the break down was

  • 36 Excellent,
  • 31 Very Good
  • 6 Good.

On my last visit I awarded

  • 41 Excellent
  • 26 Very Good
  • 4 Good

So although statistically things haven’t altered very much, sadly my impression of the overall quality was disappointing and I felt the Cavaliers are not as good now as they were 9 years ago.

Looking at my report back in 2013, almost the same good and bad points apply.

  • What cropped up repeatedly….
  • Small eyes…some almond shaped
  • Tall dogs with long backs
  • Small dogs with chicken bone
  • Sloping croup and badly set tails….I think in the whole entry I could only count on one hand the croups I considered reasonable.
  • Poor movement
  • Heads that were too broad and heavy or else too narrow and pinched

Presentation and handling were disappointing. One or two did not appear to have been groomed very much. This is a beauty show so your dog has to look it’s best. I kept in my mind that many of the dogs on show were much loved family pets and being a show dog is not that important. But if you want to impress the judge in the very short time allocated, then you have to give your dog every chance to shine. Walking in a straight line on a loose lead allows the judge to assess its movement and it has to be used to standing on a table to be examined.

I did find what I was looking for… typical heads, great eyes, excellent presentation, sound movement, decent construction….but sadly not all on the same dog and I so wanted more

I do hope my words do not cause offence. It makes no sense for your club to go to the expense of flying in a judge from the motherland of the breed and not get a report saying how things really are. An honest assessment can do no harm and is intended to help you improve what you are breeding. Iceland with its quarantine laws does not make it easy to breed dogs and I can sympathise with the difficulties you face. Please use what you have wisely. Somewhere you are doubling up on weaknesses rather than breeding away from them. Breeding is not easy and when trying to correct one flaw it is hoped you do not bring in some other unwanted characteristics. Sometimes it feels like a game of “snakes and ladders”. (I’m not sure if you have that child’s board game in Iceland)

I wish you all the very best. Enjoy your Cavaliers. Not all of them are destined to be Champions but in the home they are all winners. That is what every single one does best. Loving companions.

Thank you to my student judge, Herdis, who was a good listener and I was impressed at her level of understanding of the breed. In my opinion, she will be an asset to the future judging of the Cavalier. Also a big thank you to my Lilja, my secretary, for her patience and expertise in writing my critiques in English.

It was a wonderful visit and the hospitality laid on by the Club was first rate. Iceland even threw in an Earth tremor. I shall treasure the warm Icelandic wool wrap given to me as my judges gift. Perfect for the chilly North East of England winter.😀

  • Bonitos Companeros Mr. Spock…..Best Male and Best in Show
  • Ljúflings Tindra…..Best Female
  • Koparlilju Askur….Best Baby
  • Snjallar Silfraða Sylgja……Best Junior

Norma Inglis (Craigowl Cavaliers)