Kynning á dómara deildarsýningar – Joel Lantz

I would like to start by saying a huge thank you for inviting me to judge in Iceland for the first time and it will also be my first time in your country.

My name is Joel Lantz and my life is all about dogs!

I live in a small village north of Stockholm, Sweden, with my husband Andreas, or son Amadeus and a pack of cavaliers, two cats and two horses. We have had cavaliers since the mid 90’s. We have also had two whippets.

I grew up with dogs, horses, and cats. The dogs I grew up with were mostly gun dogs and so it was only natural for me to get my hunting license. When I met Andreas over 20 years ago, he had a cavalier and it took me about a minute to completely fall in love with the breed, and I have loved the cavaliers ever since. Though many breeds fascinate me, I can never live without cavaliers. As we shared the passion of dogs and shows, it was only natural for us to start breeding cavaliers. We have successfully bred them now for about 20 years.

I was authorized by the FCI to judge dogs in 2016. I am authorized to judge breeds from groups 2, 4/6, 8 and 9 and I keep educating myself to get my authorization for more breeds as it’s absolute passion.

Judging dogs is my absolute passion as it is so much more than just award a dog a price.

I have judged in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, England, and The United States.

It is an absolute honor to go to beautiful Iceland to judge the most amazing breed in the world! Thank you ever so much for the invitation and I hope to see you there!


Loksins kom vorið og var mjög vel mætt í göngu deildarinnar um Elliðaárdalinn sunnudaginn 2. apríl. Samtals voru hundarnir 17 og 14 tvífætlingar fylgdu með. Fleiri voru úti að njóta veðurblíðunnar á sama tima og mættum við fullt af göngu-, hjóla- og hestafólki.

Næsta ganga er áætluð miðvikudagskvöldið 17. maí kl. 19 en þá ætlum við að ganga í kringum Reynisvatn og vonum til þess að sjá sem flesta.